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Strategy determines development, culture determines cohesion, team decides execution, and management decides competitiveness. The practice of cultural integration in Nandong integrates the competitive advantage, product quality advantage and talent innovation advantage of the enterprise, forming a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and creation, and promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise. In the future, Nandong will strive to build a global and inclusive corporate culture, condense the talents of all employees to realize the "dream of globalization" of the enterprise, and become an example in employment.

Business philosophy

Corporate vision: to create a well-known domestic brand, to achieve the world's outstanding enterprises

Enterprise spirit: dare to climb the peak, dare to create a great cause, dare to be the first and strive for the first class

Enterprise values: success or failure comes from strategy, excellence comes from management, product comes from character, status comes from action

Enterprise mission: transmit progress and prosper Society

Enterprise tenet: create * and advocate civilization

Enterprise philosophy: people oriented, quality and behavior first

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